Graphic Ads

  • Available for the home page of this website. Images will be placed on the home page until the available space is sold out.
  • Ads are purchased for a period of one year. To reserve your space, fill out this Application Form - Click Here

  • Cost of ads is calculated at one penny per pixel per year. See Sample Page for cost and size comparison.

  • Your ad will be a live link to your choice of the following:

    1. Your website (if you have one). See Web Services for your own custom website or web page.
    2. Your email.
    3. Your own information page on this website. ($99 per year). An information page is also an excellent way to get a web presence if you don't have your own website yet.

  • If you have your ad link to an information page on this website, that information page can have any number of links. For example, links to all your email accounts, your website pages, or any other emails or web pages you want links to. See sample of an information page.

  • If you already have a website, you can also have an information page on this website for $99 per year and have that information page link to your website(s) and all your email accounts.

  • Here is a example of another website that used a similar method of advertising. These ads are generally smaller because the cost was much higher per pixel.




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